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Thursday, July 28, 2005

MySQL, PHP sessions and multiple machines

Following on from our previous experiments, we realised that the problem with running a web-based service (such as the Horde webmail client) across multiple servers is maintaining session information between the machines.

PHP's default session handling functions make use of flat files stored on a local disk. PHP, however, provides a way to over-ride this with user-defined functions. In other words it's possible to plug your own session handling routines into PHP's session handler.

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TLS/SSL certificates and multiple A records

We're in the process of migrating from our current server-oriented approach of handling services to a more generic services-based approach. The idea is instead of dedicating one machine to running a particular service, we'll dedicate a cluster of identical machines to running all services. One of the services that's earmarked to move is our outgoing mail server. As we allow users to establish a TLS/SSL connection to this server, we had some concerns about how to handle TLS/SSL certificates on our cluster. Do we need one certificate for the whole cluster or does each machine need a certificate?

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